Thursday, November 3, 2016

Please meet The Regulars

Each year I have a group of spiders who I visit every day or night, depending on who and where and when they are out and about. I will blog some of them as The Regulars. Here's a few to start with.

The stunners as usual are the garden orb weavers. We'll start with two, both Eriophora pustulosa, (family Araneidae) the most common species here in Castlemaine. I have named them, rather unoriginally, Erio-first and Erio-second. They live in the car-port and under the roof slats of an outdoor space respectively.

I have so many blackhouse spiders that I would love to introduce, mostly Badumna insignis (family Desidae). There's Badumnina on the kitchen window. And Bumdiddy, who has to date always had her rear end protruding from her retreat. I have never seen her otherwise. Fortunately, she has a very cute rear end. Plus Equinina, so named because she lives behind an outdoor art work of a horse. There's also Bedheadia who lives just above my pillow in my bedroom. She's the little cousin, Badumna longinqua, a brown house spider. The photo is Stoned, a full grown female blackhouse who lives in the stone wall and was weaving silk at a frantic rate tonight.

There are lots of daddy long-legs, of course (Pholcus phalagiodes, family Pholcidae). Please meet Violet-long-legs. She lives behind the African violets in the bathroom.

And then there's a confusing little spider. I had no idea what she was. A Facebook callout and Trevor Leaman had her sussed within minutes. She's a bird dropping spider, just not the one I am used to. We think that she's Celaenia calotoides (family Araneidae), so I shall call her Celaenia because it is such a pretty name. 

There is a lot more to say about each of them and quite a few more. Badumnina in particular is being very active and interesting. But that will all have to wait for further blogs.

It is so good to have the season off and running!