Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I always love the black house spiders

Unlike the orb weavers who make a stunning show in summer then disappear, my black house spiders are a constant presence.

Please meet Lily, my favourite this year. She lives behind an outdoor art work of a lily hanging on the verandah, hence her name. Lily is a black house spider, Badumna insignis.

When I first met her, Lily was quite large in the abdomen. (Spiders don't mind you mentioning this.) She was gravid, ready to lay her eggs.

She appeared less often, but did come out for dinner one night.

A few weeks later, and her babies emerged with her. They only hung around a few days and were gone.

If you click on the photo below and look closely, you can see that her fangs work inwards like pincers. She is a 'modern' spider, an araneomorph. The so-called 'primitive' spiders like the trapdoors, Australian funnel-webs, tarantulas and mouse spiders, have their fangs pointing down so they raise their bodies to strike. They are known as mygalomorphs. You can also see her little claws which she uses to hold onto the web. Gorgeous creature!

No more photos. Good night.