Friday, July 8, 2011

A little jumping spider checks out my blogging

I was writing an update on the Kalimna golden orb weavers - they've been through all sorts of traumas over the last week -  when a real cutie wandered across my desk. He was so adorable that he took over completely, and the golden orb weavers will just have to wait. He's a little jumping spider (family Salticidae) - the cute little intellectual giants of the arachnid world. They are just so curious!
[Click on the pictures for larger images.]

I am pretty sure that he is the white-mostache jumping spider (Jotus auripes). The males have the distinctive white fans of tuff above their chelicerae (the big things which hold their fangs). He walked across the desk and climbed the massive (salticid scale) computer cord - even using a safety dropline of silk in case the climb was too big for her.

Over the cord and around to the computer.

And a brief stop to check out the environment.

Then a sudden jump and he was running onto the computer.

A pause to assess the keyboard, and consider the possibility of editing my work.

A look at the screen and a quick read.

Then he suddenly turned, walked quickly out over the desk again and paused for a brief comment before leaving - he pooped on the desk!
A literary critic!


  1. Brilliant! LMAO!

  2. Wow , this is the cutest story!I am sure if she could read English she would not have given you such a bad review!I guess she sees so differently to us! So glad to see you are not spiderless in your new home! xx Broni

  3. Thank you so much for the comments. Much appreciated. Middle of winter, and far from spiderless. Can't wait until spring!

  4. Nice to see this remarkable spider correctly identified! David E. Hill,,

  5. Thank you so much! Your comment is much appreciated as is the confirmation of the id.